The Secrets of Quiet Seduction: Get a Girlfriend without Feeling Creepy



With Sarah Martin

Certified Sex Coach and Dignified Hedonist

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    Discover the link between childhood bullying and perceptions of creepiness and how this can create sex and relationship challenges down the line.
  • 2
    Why pickup artistry can only take you so far, and why pickup techniques are destined to fail over the long-term, if what you want is pleasure and connection in sex and relationships.
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    The 9 step strategy that combines dignity and hedonism you can implement in your life for immediate results, even especially if you're an introvert.
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    A 9 point, in-depth assessment of your current approach to sex and relationships, and where to take action now for the biggest impact.
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    Plus, free bonus: register today and you'll get instant access to the Quickfire Icebreakers cheat sheet to help you spark interesting conversations on online dating platforms or in your current relationship!

Hi! I'm Sarah Martin

I'm a Certified Sex Coach, a sociologist, and a mega nerd. I wrote my Master's thesis about pickup artists. I've got a mild rainbow fetish.

My life's mission is to help 1,000 nerds, geeks, and introverts have the best sex of their lives. Why? 

Because, when I was young, I suffered intense bullying. The people who showed me kindness through those years were the nerdy science guys. They, quite literally, saved my life. There is no one else I would rather serve.

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